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    Premiere page and blog!

    Well, here is my website with your blog and everything. Something that, truthfully, not so long ago I would have never imagined.

    First of all I would like to thank all those who one day said yes when I proposed to get in front of a camera, dressed, naked, ninja or whatever it was because thanks to them you are reading this.

    Here I will tell you a little about everything, from how and why I started in photography, what it means for me outside of the technical definitions, how I do the photos and, in short, anything that comes to mind and that can contribute to your knowing a little my work and myself at the same time.

    I do not want this to become a personal diary, or yes, who knows. But what I would like is to talk to you, to know what you think of my work, or even of me, for better or for worse, to listen and read your comments because I believe that everything helps if you know how to listen.

    If there is anything I can learn, I will love to know.

    I hope you like it so … see you soon.


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